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Market Commercial Loans to all Your Target Groups!
The numbers are awesome. Commercial volume will actually rise over 20% in 2004 while residential loan volume plummets. Increasingly, savvy investors are turning to commercial real estate as a hedge against stocks. And with the Fed keeping rates low and company balance sheets looking better, now is a great time to offer commercial loans. Mention that you do commercial loans at the next Realtor function you go to and watch them flock to you–most LO’s do not market it. Let your well- heeled family members know and make sure your better past and present clients know you do commercial. You will be amazed at how many deals are out there. On page 13 is an ad for a lender who can help you with these deals once you get them, and give you some further guidance on how to market like going to Chamber of Commerce functions and even give you flyers! They make commercial lending easy. Call them today and get a copy of my free report on “Understanding Commercial Loans”– it will make Commercial Lending more clear to you. Call them today at 866-355-1244

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Don’t say a word, I know exactly what you’ve been searching for. You want a systematic approach to building residual purchase volume. By now you’d probably give your right leg to have 5-back pocket realtors sending you 2-3 deals each every month. Imagine 10-15 purchase closings a month and what that residual cash flow would do for your bank account. Here’s my step by step system for building massive residual purchase volume, starting in just 30 days:

Step #1 – Select a list of 15 realtors to target.

Step #2 - Begin marketing by sending them a series of mailings that add value.

Step #3 - After the 5th contact, call them by phone and set-up a lunch or breakfast appointment to show them a system that can double their business in the next 12-months.

Step #4 - Meet them for the appointment and make presentation of system.

Step #5 – Have them sign your agreement, sealing your commitment to them and their commitment to you.

Step #6 – Follow up with them Monday to get their leads.

Step #7 – Send them a weekly tracking report of all leads referred with their status.

Step #8 – Meet with your realtors monthly to show them how many leads you pre approved and sent back to them ready to sign contracts.

Now Here’s the Good News:
I have developed a complete turnkey system that you can tailor design for your business immediately. You’ll get all the letters, forms, scripts the Agreement and more. You’ll even get me on video to walk you through the entire system, sharing my personal secrets of how I reached 30 closings a month using this exact system.*

The beauty of this system is that there is nothing to object to–you can only help them. They use you despite having an in-house broker! They could be married to an LO and you can still get their business!

For a strictly limited time and the first 100 orders, I am offering my Top Producer “Unused Leads System” as a Special Bonus offering with a purchase of my new DVD Top Producer Training Course. Currently this Unused Leads course sells for $199 and we are adding it in FREE with your purchase of Top Producer Training Course. If not this then what, if not now then when. See my offer on page 22 and secure your purchase volume before your competition does!

* Nexus conversion percentages can not be guaranteed for any individual or company, you can do better or worse depending on your ability!

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