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What do the following statements have in common: “ I have an in-house lender already,” “I still have 6 months left on my lease,” “I just refinanced,” “I need to wait and save more money before I buy a house.” The answer: They are all smokescreen objections and they are all bogus! That’s right! Not one of them should stop you from getting business– yet they do. And the really good news is that they stop your competition also. Smokescreen objections are not real objections to your product or service–they are simply blow offs that work. Just overcoming this one type of objection allows you to feast at the buffet table of this business with no competition. Let me explain.

In a city of 100,000 people there may only be 5000 people that are actively looking to buy a home at any given time. These are the people surfing online, calling Realtors and mortgage companies, etc. These are the people that the 4000 mortgage brokers in the town are fighting over–like seagulls fighting over scraps. Yet, there are 95,000 other people and at least 5000 of them will be actively looking 3-6 months from now–and nobody is marketing to them! You know why? When they call their friend Lou who is in this latter group, he says, “I need to wait and save up some money before I buy” (Smokescreen objection). Weak LO’s then say “OK” and move on to the guy who wants them to fax 3 good faiths. The people who understand smokescreen objections
do the opposite. They realize that Lou did not object! He did not say he did not want to buy a house. In fact, 6 months from now Lou will be applying at your competition.

What if you answered Lou with a question, “Well Lou, how much do you have saved right now?” “I have a couple hundred” says Lou. You then proceed to finish the PQ and say, “if I can find a lender that can get you into the home right now so you can begin to take advantage of appreciation, would you at least consider it?” Lou will scream “YES” and you now have a client. No competition, no GFE’s. Why? Because everyone else got smokescreened. There are plenty of no money down alternatives right now. But you need to break through the smokescreen objections. You meet a Realtor and she says, “I have an in-house.” What does that mean? What does that matter? In-house lenders only capture 27% of the in-house business according to one study by the NAR. They are not saying they do not do loans, they are not saying they will not use you. Yet, if you are like most LO’s, you will say, “OK” and move on. Try this one, “I want you to keep that in-house!” All I want to do is bring you some business and write the business I bring you. Is that fair? She will say yes and then let you in on the fact that she does not like her in-house anyway. You just need to get past the smokescreen objection. It is easy. Just ignore the smokescreen and continue on with a question. Works every time! On the Top Producer Training DVDs I spend almost 2 full hours going over the 5 types of objections you face and how to overcome them! The good news is that there are only 5 basic objections–the better news is I teach you how to overcome each one. That 2 hours alone is worth the entire cost of the course!

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