Top Ten Tips
  Market to Friends and Family!
Have you ever run into someone you have not seen in a while and when you tell them what you are doing they say, “I wish I would have known, I just bought a house!” Well that happened to me once and I swore it would never happen again. You need to have a way to market to your friends and family every month. They are leads that you have a decided edge over your best competition–you have trust. All you need to do is find a need amongst your network of acquaintances and you have a deal. This is a simple process. Make a list of every friend and family member–dig deep-think back to high school. Then touch base with them all this month. Ask how their holidays went and what they are up to. Let them know what you do and ask if they know anyone looking to buy. Then next month, send them a tip on finances or something of value. Each month alternate value added tips with a personal phone call to touch base with them and, “oh by the way, who do you know?” This will improve your relationships with family members because you probably don’t spend much time talking to them now, and it will build your business because you have more people telling people about you! They become an unpaid sales force! That is the power of referrals–it has a multiplier effect on your business. I go over this concept in depth on my Top Producer Training course.
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Emerging Market Trends
Commercial Mortgages Set to Boom
Fueled by a strong US Economy, growing at a level of 6-7% GDP and historically low rates, the stage is set for a huge year in commercial mortgages. We don’t expect the Fed to move anytime soon with the election coming up. And with productivity growing at 8% in the recent quarter business expansion should be robust.

There are still no tangible signs of inflation in goods or services, so the FED has the green light to keep pumping money into the economy. With the residential mortgage volume expected to fall another 30% in the first quarter, developing a strategy to get paid on commercial makes sense. To learn about a turn key solution, offering you numerous commercial products, loan packaging, underwriting and more see offer on page 13.

Continued Shift to Purchase market

As of December, mortgage applications were down 50% from the high hit last May. We expect a continued decline of another 30% from December levels by the end of the first quarter. That’s the bad news. The Good News is your competition for local purchase volume will be declining, as the Refi shops will be going away. By the end of the first quarter, we are projecting a normal 80/20 purchase market. See graph. The only way to guarantee your volume, is to be building purchase business and your market share. See our offer on page 19, which reveals a systematic, step by step approach to gaining purchase volume from your competition.
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