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  Market to Realtors
Why market to Realtors? They are such a pain to deal with! Well, the answer is simple. Over 85% of all homebuyers speak to at least 1 Realtor during the house hunting process. Realtors have the leads! To ignore any group that touches 85% of your market is suicide! So how do you do it? First get the names of 10-15 Realtors that you are going to target for the next 3 months. Call friends and family and get referrals from them – everyone knows a Realtor. Then call them and say you were referred by (your friend). The receptionist will think you are a potential client and put you through (just give them your name, not your company). Then let them know who referred you and that you have a way to double their business – FREE and you just want to spend 5 minutes to show them! This is the unused leads system we talk about on page 19! It works to get the appointment almost 80% of the time right now in 2004! The beauty is they could have an in-house or be married to an LO and you can still get their leads with this system and they will be thanking you! It is HOT! Check out page 19 for more information on this great NEW marketing technique. For those who want to take it slower you should deliver something of value–a tip, a hot product, something every week. Never miss a week. After the 5th week you will start to get some in-roads.
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Tom Telford
Nexus Top Producer
Brian Meade is a rookie Top Producer; currently residing in Juno Beach Fla. Brian completed the course this summer and has seen his business explode, despite rising rates.

Q1 – Why did you come to Nexus?
I felt that my company was not offering me the training and support necessary to be successful.

Q2 – What specifically in the training helped you acquire six realtors.
I would say without hesitation, it is the Realtor unused leads program. It’s a complete turnkey system. You get the scripts, the forms, postcards etc. This system helped me land one of Palm Beach counties Top Realtors after the first meeting. He told me, “I’ve been searching for someone that has systematic method of following-up and pre-qualifying my leads

Q3 – How many leads are you receiving from these Realtors each week?
About 75!

Q4 – What percentage of these leads do you expect to convert?
So far were seeing about a 10% conversion rate.

Q5 – How receptive have you found Realtors to be to this program?
Not only are they receptive, they get very excited! When I show them how I can convert there unused leads into qualified buyers, they are more than happy to send me all of their leads. In just the last month, I have turned eight Realtor appointments into six deal referring partnerships.

Q6 – With the trend of Realtor owned in-house financing, why do you believe this program is so effective today?
Conventionally, I was taught to go by real estate offices and drop off rate sheets and business cards. This absolutely does not work! It adds no real value. However, with this new breakthrough system, I can show a Realtor how to double his/her business with no cost or effort on his or her part. Now that's real value!

Q7 – Brian, with all these leads how much volume do you expect to write in the next few months?
Currently I’m on track to do 20 next month, but my ultimate goal is to write 40-loans a month sometime in the next six months.

Q8 – Wow, that’s terrific! But how can a guy with less than one year experience, in a rising rate market, be posting those kind of numbers?
It’s actually quite simple. I didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. I just did exactly what Brian taught us on the DVDs and my business has exploded. As a matter of fact, I currently took on a partner and we are hiring an assistant to help us write up and close all these deals!

  Mr. Meade’s experience is not necessarily indicative of the average course buyers’ experience. Individual results will vary.
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