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Get a Loan from Every Loan!
Sounds easy, but it is rarely done. I have heard people say that it is not as easy to get referrals from purchases as it is from refi’s–that’s bunk! Purchasing a home is a huge deal and that person talks to everyone they are close with. Also, groups of people move through life together. When one person gets married, all their friends get married in short order-same with buying a home. There are also more people involved in purchase transactions–from Realtors to insurance agents-so there are numerous opportunities for additional referrals. Try this simple technique. Each Friday, while your loans are in process, call the customer up and update them on the status of their loan–make a big deal out of your Friday follow up call. But each week, before you hang up, ask them “Who do you know at church/ work/etc. that is looking to buy a home.” Do this each week without fail, and at approval and when reviewing the HUD, at least 5 times (Law of 5). They may not know someone the first week, but by the 5th ask their subconscious mind will be working for YOU to get you referrals–they won’t even know they are doing it! This one tip, if you just try it, can double your business next year!

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To make a long story short, my training plan and systems took our office from dead last to #1 in the company within 3 months. I helped brokers that were writing 1-2 loans a month get to 3-5 a month. Many writing 3 to 5, moved up to 6-10 a month. It was incredible! My confidence soared, and in 1994, I left the company to focus on writing loans myself. In my first year back, my systems helped me eclipse the 20 loans a month barrier. I ultimately reached 40 loans a month before I decided to start my own company, which I later named Nexus Financial Group®. In the spring of 1996, FNMA invited me to speak at their annual meeting where I met with President George Bush, Sr. and Nexus became one of the first companies to do one-hour online approvals for FNMA. In hindsight, my early bouts with adversity were not all bad. They lit a fire in my belly and gave me a teachable spirit. In just 5 years I went from massive debt and a personal foreclosure to meeting with the president and speaking on behalf of FNMA. Only in America my friends, only in America! I thank God for second chances and the opportunity I now have to work with the fine people at Nexus and to continue to show others how to attain their goals and dreams. Over the years I have continued to tweak, improve and update my training program and systems and they are still the driving force behind our sales growth.

And here’s the good news.
I videotaped my entire 2-week training program and put it on videotape and DVD and I have carefully prepared a 180-page training manual that walks you step by step through my proven systems. You get me on videotape or DVD, just like my top producers at Nexus, and I’ll show you the way to boost your business starting immediately.

Imagine the impact that this training program could have on your business. You’ll learn how to create massive referrals, multiple income streams and work less to make more.

What’s more, you’ll be able to do the entire training course from the privacy of your own home and at your own pace.

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