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    What goes on Inside You?

    The mental laws of selling are critical to your success. No great improvements in your results are possible without you learning and applying these laws. These laws work 100% of the time. They are like gravity. They work all the time whether you believe in it, know about it; it is convenient or anything else!

    1. Law of Belief - Your beliefs become your realities. Since you always act in a manner consistent with your beliefs about yourself, your company, your customers, your work, etc. if you act in a manner consistent with your beliefs then that will become your reality. You can never sell to someone else something you do not believe in. The more you believe in it, the easier it is to convey that conviction to someone else.

    2. Law of Expectations - Your expectations determine your attitude and your attitude determines your reality. You get not what you want in life but what you expect. Always expect the best!

    3. Law of Emotion - Every buying decision is 100% emotional. We use reason and logic to justify our buying decisions, but our buying decisions are always emotional. We use our logic to justify the illogical. Whatever emotion is dominant during your conversation with the prospective client will determine what the client does. There are two emotions: Desire - Which is to own the product. Fear - Making a mistake or getting the wrong product. Everything that you can do including becoming excited, positive, and absolutely convinced your product is better for the customer increases the customer's rate of desire. Why? Emotions are contagious. "Closing a sale is simply a transfer of enthusiasm." It is when you transfer the desire, the enthusiasm for the product into the mind of the customer that the customer decides to buy!

    4. Law of Attraction - This is one of the most powerful laws of the universe. It says that you are a living magnet. You will attract into your life, people, circumstances, opportunities, and customers that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts. Everything you do to get your mind thinking positively and emotionally about something it is that you want or desire will tend to attract into your life people and customers that will help you achieve those goals.

    5. Law of Indirect Effort - We get the things we want in life more effectively and rapidly by indirect means than by direct means. By indirect means, we mean that the more you focus on giving the client what he/she wants, the more they will focus on giving you what you want.

    6. Law of Correspondence - It says that your outer world will always be a reflection of your inner world. You can tell what is going on in your inner world by looking at your outer world. If your inner world is focused on the needs of your client then your outer world will reflect clients and prosperity.

    80% of selling today is psychological!
    80% of selling today is attitudinal!

    80% of everything you will accomplish in this field for the rest of your life is going to be determined by the quality of how you think and feel about yourself in relationship to your world.

    "Everything that you can do to boost your attitude, every single piece of information you can take in that makes you more positive, more optimistic, more cheerful, more determined, and more customer focused on value and excellence, the more of that you can do, the more sales you are going to make and the happier you are going to be in your profession of selling." - Brian Tracy

    (taken from Brian Tracy's seminar "Psychology Selling")

    Respectfully yours,

    Seth R. Parr
    Senior Executive Loan Officer
    Voice Mail (770) 294-0587

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