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    << WHAT IS NEXUS? >>

    Webster's Dictionary defines nexus as a connection, tie or link between individuals of a group or team.

    Nexus Financial Group® employs the highest state of the art form of technology called The Interlinking Internet System. This links you, the borrower, to the world's largest financial lending institutions. We do all this by computer.

    All Nexus Financial Group® Brokers carry high-powered portable computers with them. They can enter your information in the comfort of your own home, then upload the data by modem through the phone lines to the main server system at Headquarters. Our server then compiles your information and uploads it to credit bureaus and lending institutions.

    This is the fastest and most efficient method ever employed by any mortgage center anywhere. This efficiency saves time and money, which we pass on to you, the borrower, in the form of savings. That's why our rates are so competitive, our research so thorough and our service so efficient. Just another one of the many reasons all the real estate professionals love working with us.

    Additionally, Nexus Financial Group® brokers are trained specialist in the mortgage industry (not telemarketers or ext. #'s). They are accessible to you, the borrower, anytime via pager. Moreover, Nexus Financial Group® is proud to offer our satisfaction and closing cost guarantee statements. This service is truly unique in the mortgage industry and it is a benefit our competitors do not offer. The security that you deserve in the "mortgage maze" is just a click away.

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